Showcasing Big Sky, Montana’s lifestyle and area features to potential residents and tourists.



The Big Sky Real Estate Company was seeing a high bounce rate on their landing page for After digging into why this was happening they determined that it was because visitors were expecting to find info. about the Big Sky, MT area and instead were given a real estate site. BSRE Co. wanted to get people excited about the Big Sky area by converting the site to a lifestyle site that would be connected to their new real estate site.


After running a few workshops during the kickoff of the project to understand their customers, prioritizing content, and their main goals for the site which were to highlight the Big Sky culture, reduce the bounce rate, and to capture potential visitor emails we were able to dive into producing a site map. Once we had alignment on the site structure, as a team we started sketching and prototyping ideas for each page.


Through a series of feedback sessions and showing the site to people unfamiliar with the project, we were able to keep pushing ideas further and move on from the ones that weren't working. After a few rapid rounds of doing this we landed on the strongest ideas for meeting the goals of the site and for allowing customization of the content after the handoff.


We delivered a site that aligns with the BSRE Co. brand and visually highlights the culture and area of Big Sky, MT. We're still tracking metrics on this project to see if we reduced the bounce rate and are seeing conversion to Big Sky Real Estate's real estate site.

Check out the site in action at

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