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Assessing 350 Colorado’s organizational strategy and existing website.



Analytics data was showing high drop off rates from the 350 Colorado website. The 350 team was looking for feedback on their current website that would address these problems and translate to a list of changes they could use for a design brief.

Define Audience & Goals

At the onset of the project it became clear that the team wasn't aligned on who their audience was, what their goals were, and what their principles were for the site. I led the team which included the 350 Colorado Founder, Communications Director, Campaigns Director, and Volunteer Coordinator through a series of workshop in order to get the team aligned on heir target audience and goals for the website.

We established that the target audience is people in Colorado who are looking to get involved with issues facing climate change and become new volunteers. The primary goals of the website were to drive volunteer efforts and donations.

Problem Statement Generation

Our website was designed to increase engagement with climate change campaigns, allow volunteers to join a local team or campaign, and collect donations. We have observed that our site is only converting 0.37% of site visitors and isn’t meeting the average of converting 1.95% of site visitors to take action, which is causing our business to have less resources for events and less visibility in Colorado.

How might we improve the 350 Colorado website so that people in Colorado looking to get involved in climate change are successfully able to based on the number of volunteers that join a campaign, the number of people joining a 350 team, and the number of people taking direct action in campaigns?

Create Design Principles

Now that we had the goals established, we needed another workshop to get the team aligned on the design principles that they wanted reflected in the site.

Defining Personas

Through a series of interviews with 350 team board members, volunteers, interns, and people who are interested in volunteering for other causes, I was able to highlight problems experienced when trying to volunteer, donate, or get involved with a cause and also highlight reasons why people do get involved. From there we were able to breakdown the target audience into four personas.

Hypothesis Generation

I developed a few hypotheses for improvements to the site that would help 350 Colorado achieve their goals. I left them broad enough that any designer coming on to do the redesign would have room for exploration within them.

Along with the hypotheses, I provided a list of more detailed changes for specific pages and their potential impact.


The 350 Colorado was left with a detailed presentation that they could give to a web designer as well as use internally. They were aligned as a group on their audience and goals and now had a toolkit in the workshops to come to an alignment and focus on future decisions.

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